Their Words, Not Ours...

Dr Sam Guirguis
Natural Dentistry, Sydney

“We’ve been able to increase the practice revenue by $1.3 million, which has more than doubled the practice in 12 months.

“I must say I was a little skeptical at first, as I had heard this type of hype before; but now I couldn’t be happier!

We managed to start 22 new Invisalign cases resulting in over $130,000 production revenue added to the practice in just under 3 months.

In less than 6 months we were able to reach Platinum Invisalign status with 53 cases.

More importantly, these patients have also become our new patients of record, and we have helped them with their hygiene and restorative needs as well.

We started with Invisalign, and it’s made us so busy we’re now looking to increase our staff, add new dentists, expand our rooms and expand our marketing more broadly to other areas of cosmetic dentistry.

We’re now expecting to more than double over the next year!!”

Dr Peter Wroth
Accent Dental Care, Perth

“After being accepted into the 1% club at the beginning of 2020, the advice we received through COVID has helped our practice go from strength to strength.

We’re now on track to increase our annual revenue by over $1.4 million within 12 months.”

Dr Brad Stanley
Central Highlands Dental, Emerald & Blackwater

“I’m so glad I was introduced to this network, and as a result,this has been a phenomenal and career changing year. 12 months ago I set the goal for $2.5 million and thought it would be impossible. But 12 months later, I am going to exceed that number…

Within our first 6 weeks working with Aligner Advantage, we converted 9 new Invisalign patients! 12 months later we reached Platinum status with Invisalign and expect to pass 80 cases this year to reach Platinum Elite.

The results are nothing short of fantastic. Aligner Advantage backs up what they promise.”

Dr Ian Gurner
Ian Gurner Dental Care, Hobart

“When we met the Aligner Advantage team, we realised very quickly that we were working with an exceptional group who exceeded our expectations.

We’ve seen spectacular increases in our numbers, with a 90% increase in new patient flow, and getting booked out 3 months ahead.

Now we’re extending hours and looking for a second practice location to handle the increased workload.

New patient intake has more than doubled, and recently we have had our biggest month on record.”

Dr Meng Quah-Shepherd
Boutique Dental Care, Sydney

“We’ve been operating as a small business for many years. Thanks to the coaching and support of this network, we’ve finally exceeded 7 figures, and by quite a way.

We reached Platinum status with Invisalign and have doubled our monthly new patient numbers compared to this time last year.

We’re now expecting to double the business over the next 12 months by applying everything we’ve learnt this year. We’re loving playing this game of business.”

Dr Joe Alphonse
Oatlands Dental, Sydney

“We doubled the practice revenue in 12 months and increased our monthly revenue by over $60,000.

As a younger dentist earlier on in my career, I was hungry to grow. I knew I needed some great advice and a great marketing company to work with, especially being in a competitive location in Sydney.

I was approached by the guys at Aligner Advantage, and very quickly realised they were the right company to help me achieve my growth goals.

In the first 6 months working with them, I saw my weekly revenue numbers exceeding what I used to do in a month. In fact, we got so busy I’m looking at expanding the practice to deal with the increased patient load they have sent me.

My goal was to reach Platinum with Invisalign, but we reached Platinum Elite with almost 100 Invisalign cases in 2020.

I hoped I would get busy, but had no idea it would be this busy. I’m excited to see what we can do over the next 12 months as we expand our premises and plan to double the practice revenue again this year.”

Dr Matthew Lombardi
North Queensland Family Dental, Townsville

“In our first year with Aligner Advantage, we increased our clear aligner side of the business by nearly $500,000. Plus many of these patients had other dental work to be carried out prior to starting their Invisalign treatment.

In our second year, we managed to increase our annual revenue by over $600,000 in 2020, and that’s with the practice being at absolute capacity.

We’re now achieving new patient numbers in excess of 100 each month thanks to the help from Aligner Advantage.”

Dr David Yu
Healthview Dental, Geelong

“This network has been key to our success and in our first year working with Aligner Advantage we were able to double our annual revenue. We also moved to Platinum Elite with Invisalign, doing just over 100 cases in 2020.

Every month we’re getting 100s of new patients contacting the practice looking for Invisalign, dental implants and cosmetic treatments.

The goal this year is to reach Diamond status with Invisalign and to increase revenue by an additional $1 million in 2021.”

Dr Ian Harper
Harper Dental, Ballarat

“In my first 2 months with Aligner Advantage we started 15 Invisalign cases plus an additional $15,000 in other dental treatments. So just two months in and we were $120,000 ahead, which is something I was not expecting!

In 2020, we saw a steady flow of new patients coming into the practice, reached Platinum Elite Invisalign status with 82 cases, and expect we can pass 150 cases this year.

We’ve been so busy I had to bring on additional staff and another dentist. I’ve now been able to scale back my clinical hours to focus just on the larger treatments and actually running the business.”

Dr Milla Duchovni
iSmile Studio Dental, Melbourne

“We’ve been working with Aligner Advantage for 2 years now, and we were new to Invisalign when we started.

In our first year we reached Invisalign Platinum status with just over 50 cases. In our second year we reached Platinum Elite with 87 cases, and this was all through COVID happening.

We found the network to be hugely valuable to learn how other practices around the country are getting the best results from their marketing efforts.”

Dr Craig Duval
Sherwood Dental, Brisbane

“One of the main reasons I joined Aligner Advantage was their extensive knowledge of the dental industry and proven results for many other practices around Australia I knew… and I am glad I made the decision to join!!

First starting with clear aligner marketing where we’re on track to exceed 51 Invisalign cases in just over 9-months to make Platinum status with Invisalign, despite being closed for over a month during that time with the Level 2 and 3 restrictions.

Since seeing these results I also asked them to take on our other marketing and they’ve sent us a huge increase in new patient enquiries for emergency work and restorative dentistry with many great new patients and some big cases coming out of this.

One of the best things about working with them is the tracking and level of transparency they give us. I am able to track every enquiry they send us, if we booked them in, if they attended and what the value of the treatment was. Finally a simple system to accurately track our ROI.

We’ve exceeded $250,000 in additional revenue 8-months in not including the on-going dental work from these patients and many who are still considering commencing their treatment.

We’ve been so busy we have now put on another part-time dentist to handle the growth and are looking at bringing on another one again in the coming months.

I couldn’t be happier with their service, their communication, and the results they have delivered.”

Dr Garrie Rao
Diamond Smiles Dental, Perth

“I’ve tried a lot of marketing companies in the past and few have delivered on what they promised… but I’m pleased to say, Aligner Advantage have over-delivered on what they promised. 

Since joining them we’ve had a consistent flow of over 80 new patients contacting the practice each month, with a high percentage turning into paying patients.

In our first few months we were able to completely transform the orthodontic side of the practice. And now we’re also seeing a huge increase in the number of new patients for general and emergency dental work.

And despite being this busy, the team at Aligner Advantage don’t just settle for that, they’re always coming to us with ideas and even more opportunities to grow the practice which I love.

On top of seeing huge ROI, the biggest breath of fresh air is their communication with us. We always know what’s going on, they’re proactive in getting results and communicating with us vs reactive like most other marketing companies we’ve tried in the past.

We’ve just had our biggest month on record and are up 190% of this time last year and I couldn’t be happier. 

I would strongly recommend these guys if you’re looking to take your dental practice growth to the next level.”

Caron Dixon
BC Dental, Melbourne

“We engaged with Aligner Advantage to grow a unique area of our patient base, specifically patients who are interested in starting their Invisalign journeys. 

Aligner Advantage have been extremely successful in delivering results for us.

We find that with Aligner Advantage we’re now seeing patients who are engaged, willing, and eager to start their Invisalign journey.

The numbers we’ve seen so far are unbelievable… in the first two months alone we’ve seen 16 additional Invisalign case acceptances.

I wasn’t sure if they would be able to deliver on their promise at first, but I’ve been blown away by the Aligner Advantage team, and their expertise.

If you’re interested in growing the Invisalign side of your practice, I wouldn’t hesitate to start with Aligner Advantage”.

Gil Laks
Invisalign Centre, Dubai

“My experience with Aligner Advantage has far exceeded my expectations so far. I was sceptical at the beginning, perhaps even extra cautious. 

But with the great support from the team, we managed to implement a campaign that brought results quickly and is improving every month.

Over the first 7-months working together, we’ve had 82 new Invisalign case starts and still counting…

The team is knowledgeable and very supportive. I would certainly encourage everyone to try Social Media marketing and Aligner Advantage is a great partner to do it with.”